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Hi! we're a small Ad Agency. Taifuuni is finnish for typhoon. With Taifuuni Advertising, your customers feel the full impact of your marketing campaign! We excel at low budget marketing, making us perfect for indie-minded projects.


We've worked with:

To The Moon

Dust: An Elysian Tail

DLC Quest

...and many more.

We specialize in:

Marketing & Advertising

Graphic Design


Social media marketing


  • Gøran Myrland, Manager/Misc Games AS

    Taifuuni has done an awesome job pointing our game's selling points. I can recommend him, as he’s a good team player, has good points of view and knows the gaming market very well.

  • Jutta Setälä, Project Manager/4H Finland

    I would highly recommend Taifuuni's services. He was very initiative and professional. Working with him was smooth and communication worked well.

  • Inkeri Jurvanen, CEO of Hämeenlinna City Library

    Daniel has an amazing work ethic. He tackled every task with enthusiasm and was initiative and active.


Marketing & Advertising

Taifuuni makes sure your marketing budget is spent well!

Marketing & Advertising

Finding the right outlets to advertise and promote your product takes a lot of work and research. By just throwing a lot of money out there to the advertisers and expecting a good outcome will likely result in a failed campaign.

Here are few questions I like to ask myself and the  client in the beginning of the planning of the marketing strategy.

It’s important to know how to market your product. Otherwise, you’re wasting a lot of money in marketing and don’t get the results you had hoped for. The key on figuring out how to market a certain product, is figuring out it’s selling points. What qualities would be the main reason the customers would buy it? Does the product do something better than it’s competitors? Does it have a compelling story behind it?


Internet has changed the marketing scene drastically over the years. There are now an overwhelming amount of outlets and services to choose from. Finding out the optimal ones for you and your product requires knowledge of your products market scene.

My strategy is and has been to build a network and a connection with advertisers, media and my client’s target communities. That way my clients get cheaper rates than they normally would. By being in touch with the customers and the target communities, we have a good relationship with the consumers and the core customers are engaged and feel like they’re part of something. Those people are also the ones that spread the word of your product to the world.


Graphic Design

I can cater to all your graphic design needs!

Graphic Design

I’ve been doing graphic design work since senior high-school. Sometimes as a freelancer and sometimes as a  dayjob. Taifuuni Design and it’s freelance-contractors are ready to cater to your every graphic design needs!

Here’s few examples of what we can do:

  • Logo design
  • Brand image design and creation
  • Web- and layout-design
  • Posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, roll-ups, outdoor ads, pretty much any print material you can think of
  • Business cards, powerpoint templates, word-templates, pretty much anything digital



Music, Sound effects, Video production and much more!


Taifuuni Productions can produce anything from music to trailer videos. If you want affordable but still good quality productions, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s examples of what we can do:

  • Music production and composing
  • Trailer videos of your product, product presentation videos etc.
  • 2D animations and video effects
  • Sound effects


Social media marketing

We can help you master Social Media. Or handle it for you altogether.

Social media marketing

Social media is a powerful tool. When used right, it can drive lot of traffic to your desired location. We know how to make all your social media outlets work seamlessly to suit your purpose.

We can either train you and give consultation so you can master the art of Social Media Wizardry, or you can outsource it all to us and we’ll make your online channels grow.

Contact US

Do you have a project that could use our marketing/visual experience? Give us a shout, and we can talk more!

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